Railroad Information
High-speed train is structuralized with 20 cars in total including 2 power cars, 2 power passenger cars, 16 passenger cars and etc.

388 m

771.2 tons(passenger included)

127 seats for luxury room (3 seats in a row)
808 seats for general room (4 seats in a row)
Total number of seats: 935 seats per a train
(separately equipped with 30 simple seats)


13,560KW (18,200 horsepower)

takes 6 minutes and 5 seconds for 300km/h

6,400m - takes 2 minutes and a half for 300km/h

video/audio system, intercom, passenger information installed
10 drink vending machines, 3 snack vending machines

2 seats for the disabled, 1 rest room for the disabled,
1 wheel-chair depository