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Introducing KORAIL:Until the day of materializing Green Network to create bountiful life Speeding of KORAIL will conrinue to run.
POWER KORAIL 2010 : We open up the age of 'Iron Silk-road'

We open up the age of "Iron Silk-road".
KORAIL is founded to increase efficiency and professionalism of railroad management and to contribute to railroad industry and improvement of national economy.
Our business ideal is based on client-oriented, value-creating and trustable management, and our vision is 'POWER KORAIL 2010' to open up the age of 'Iron Silk-road' which links North East Asia with Europe. In order to achieve this agenda, we continuously have been running short-winded over the century since 1899.
As we have overcome the pain of being the only divided country, the dream of KORAIL is link the railroad of South and North Korea, and further more, to become the motive power of 'Iron Silk-road' through China, Siveria and Europe.
Form now on and as we always have been, KORAIL will integrate management innovation that has been pursued to open up the age of 'Iron Silk-road', and as KORAIL works to innovate employees, management policy and commodity, we will share the bigger fruit with our clients by taking care of the root and not the branches.