Introducing KORAIL

Location/Transportation part

In case of client using individual automobile

  • required time : 2 hours from Seoul
  • route information : more convenient to use Dae-Duk valley(Northern Dae-Jeon) IC
                            Right after passing through the Northern Dae-Jeon toll gate, turn left at the first traffic lights,
                            then enter the Dae-Duk main street towards the direction of the Expo science park.

In case of client using public transportation

  • Dae-Jeon station: general bus[111, 111-1, 180, 513, 814], seat bus[105, 105-1, 801]
  • Dae-Jeon highway bus terminal: general bus[715], seat bus[103, 702, 801]
  • Yoo-Sung highway bus terminal: general bus[814, 715, 180, 111, 111-1], seat bus

  • The KORAIL is located inside the Dae-Jeon government office