Railroad Traveling
We develop and execute travel product providing collective service including railroad, airline, hotel, staying, tourism information, connecting taxi and etc. for foreign tourists�� convenience in domestic traveling. This product contributes to increase of foreign currents income.

  • schedule : departs everyday (except for New year��s day, harvest festival and other holidays with crowded transportation)
  • sales traveling agency and inquiry Ah-Ju incentive traveling agency �� (TEL: 02-786-0028, or refer to the homepage)

  • product types and fare discount
  • The fare is converted as the current rate of purchasing moment
  • KORAIL package (KORAIL Package: K-000) provides with collective service such as transportation, traveling information, staying, accompanying translator and etc
  • KORAIL-hotel package (KORAIL-Hotel Package: KH-000) is free schedule tour course, and only train, airline and staying are connected.