Railroad Information


  • In case sudden disability such as a heart-attack falls onto the locomotive engineer and it is impossible for safe drive, this system secures passenger safety. If the engineer does no management of stepping on the pedal or press switch regularly, the first alarm goes off, and when the alarm is still not responded, the train stops automatically and alerts the central control room through wireless device.


  • In order to stop high-speed vehicle safely, a strong damping (brake) ability is required. French TGV is designed to be double system of electricity-generative braking and friction braking. However, Korean high-speed train is designed to be triple damping system adding regenerative braking in order to ensure more of a certain restraint


  • Honeycomb-shaped shock-absorber is equipped on the front head of the vehicle to absorb shocks when colliding with 700kg obstacle while running 300km/h. This prevents derailment and drives more steadily

  • High-speed train has all materials such as ceiling, floor, chair and wires using flame retardant and nontoxic raw materials. Also various fire sensors and alarms are perfectly equipped.

Fire-preventive devices Main activities Remarks (per train)
Fire sensor When increased with temperature of 175��, pressure-sensor is activated .Location of fire-origin is indicated with alarm sounds 37 devices equipped in power cars and passenger cars
Emergency alarm device When a passenger pulls the device in emergency, on-car computer system alarms and indicates passenger car number in driver��s room 36 devices equipped above the doors of passenger car
Telephone and broadcasting device Emergency calls between engineer, train crew and passengers Telephone devices(18),
Broadcasting device(10)
Emergency control switch Emergency stop of the train within urgent situations Drive room(1),
train crew room(2)
Emergency opening device of entrance Open entrance by hand Equipped at every entrance
Fire extinguishing device Early fire suppression 30 equipments
Emergency storage battery Activate emergency ventilation and lights Equipped at inside of every passenger car
Emergency window and hammer Use as exit at urgency 4 of them in every
passenger car
Emergency ladder Use to evacuate the old and feeble Divided into 2 groups

  • Multiple safety devices such as speed and incident recording system, distinguishing and derailed act prevention system and various railroad safety devices are equipped to prepare protection of the high-speed train.