Railroad Information

  • High-speed railroad is the compound of high-technology, and it is effectively controlled by on-car computers. On-car computers are the computer equipment and subsidiary devices, the network transmission system linking computers, the serial link connecting computers with subsidiary devices, the input-output control line for train condition check and operation order and etc.

  • Condition checking and operation ordering, train order control function for controlling
  • Supporting of engineer��s driving and defect-repairing information
  • Providing defect-repairing information for repair maintenance workers
  • Train crew preparation support and providing data wireless transmission interface (remote control function, service maintaining function)
  • Supervising passenger convenience facilities and defect alert in text for train crews

  • During the cold winter when there is no transport, railroad is often covered with snow and ice. Then it intervene contact between railroad and pantograph the next morning when the first train runs, and it causes decline in current collecting and negatively influences the vehicle or electric devices on ground. In order to prevent such situations, thawing system using theory of electric heater to radiate heat with electric resistance will melt the ice and snow on rail and send electricity safely to the train.

  • Trucks are the traveling device of railroad vehicles. High-speed railroad vehicle uses free-motion articular trucks. Articular trucks are made by theory of human body joints to move freely, and they are light and noiseless therefore possible to provide comfortable ride. Also, in case the train is derailed, there are less risks of destruction due to the wheel structure of a single iron-body type

  • Automatic Train Control(ATC), Interlocking Device(IXL), Centralized Traffic Control(CTC), Trunked Radio System(TRS), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition(SCADA), Measure Information System(MH) and etc