Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Value System in Management

Mission KORAIL , Connecting the People, World and the Future As a responsible public railway operator, KORAIL strives to serve its customers with safe, convenient railway services for their improved quality of life and to complete the TKR project for seamless railway transport within the Korean Peninsula and beyond, thereby securing the future growth engine of the Korean economy.
KORAIL for the People and the Future of Korea
  • KORAIL , the world in which we live
  • FUTURE, the direction of development pursued for railway services across unified Korea
  • PEOPLE, the target of social value creation KORAIL promotes as a public organization
  • KORAIL, an organization that will lead the future railway industry of Korea

Core Values

  • Safety Safety of the People,
    Ability to Secure Safety
    Safety being the most important value for railway services, KORAIL applies cutting-edge technologies to protect the lives of people
  • Customer Customer Satisfaction,
    Employee Satisfaction
    KORAIL listens to the voices of every customer to provide future-oriented services based on trust
  • Communication Communication with Customers,
    Management–Labor Cooperation
    KORAIL maintains a horizontal labor–management relationship to innovate its corporate culture for sustainable growth based on ethical management

Management Policy

  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Devotion
    to People
  • Future-oriented
    Railway Operation

Strategic Direction

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Six Strategic Goals
  • Smart Railway SafetyStrategic task
    • To improve safety and upgrade quarantine system
    • To expand investment in preventive measures for safety
    • To enhance human-centred safety
    • To promote safety awareness and culture
  • Reinforcement of railway publicity Strategic task
    • To create social value
    • To enhance universal service
    • To improve environment/ energy management
    • To increase providing quality jobs
  • Value-oriented customer service Strategic task
    • To provide accommodating and responsive service marketing
    • To provide passenger-friendly intermodal transport services
    • To accelerate conversion to non-face-to-face services
    • To improve service quality for customers
  • Establish Foundation for Sustainable Management Strategic task
    • To drive business innovation for organisational and HR management efficiency
    • To optimise passenger transport network
    • To increase efficiency of logistics business
    • To establish advanced maintenance system
  • future growth engine Strategic task
    • To establish future-oriented, optimal railway network
    • To incorporate core technologies of the future
    • To achieve tangible outcomes from diversified projects
    • To lay out foundation for TKR project
  • Corporate Culture Innovation Strategic task
    • To create flat organisational culture
    • To cultivate ethical management culture
    • To promote shared growth in labour–management
    • To create good workplace