Maintenance and Repair

Rolling Stock Maintenance

Major duties at the Rolling Stock Engineering Division

Primarily, the division is in charge of the purchase and maintenance of rolling stocks as well as the operation of vehicle depots and vehicle safety management work

  • Process management regarding rolling stock improvement and maintenance
  • Works related to the purchase, improvement, and disposal of rolling stock
  • Establishment of plans regarding purchase and manufacturing of rolling stocks and its parts
  • Works regarding the building, improvement, and maintenance of vehicle depots and oil facilities

Robot Automation for Dangerous Works

Dangerous works (with difficult maintenance) were replaced by robot automation to improve productivity

  • Maintenance avoidance maintenance work
  • Alternative photo of robot automation for maintenance-avoiding maintenance tasks

Expanded Application of High-Tech Testing Equipment

Non-destructive facilities and other modern testing equipment were adopted for better accuracy of measurements, quick detection/resolution of faults and failures

  • manual maintenance photo
  • State-of-the-art test equipment to overcome the limitations of manual maintenance

Condition-Based Maintenance

We switched our maintenance method from Term-based maintenance (TBM) to condition-based maintenance (CBM) by applying and adopting more on-board/ground monitoring equipment optimized maintenance periods

  • Failure data reliability analysis and maintenance interval setting (Analysing reliability of fault data and setting up the time between maintenance)
  • Real-time fault monitoring and control of major devices, and optimization of condition-based maintenance intervals (real-time failure detection /control, state-based maintenance periods optimisation)

Equipment for Inspection and Repair of Rolling Stocks

  • Phase signal general tester Phase signal general tester
  • KTX double hoister KTX double hoister
  • car rotator car rotator
  • traverse table traverse table
  • car painting device car painting device
  • car body washing device car body washing device
  • vertical lathe robots  - Arms vertical lathe robots - Arms
  • magnetic particle inspection equipment magnetic particle inspection equipment
  • wheel lathe wheel lathe
  • overhead crane overhead crane
  • buried lifting jack buried lifting jack
  • scanning system scanning system

Rolling Stock Maintenance and Repair Depots and Branch Offices

  • High- speed (High Speed Rolling Stock Maintenance and Repair Depot, Goyang)
    • Seoul Metropolitan Area (Goyang)
    • Busan
    • Honam
    • Gangneung
    • Imun
  • General (Locomotives, Mugunghwa Train, Generator Cars)
    • Daejeon Depot
    • Seoul
    • Susaek
    • Bugok
    • Cheongnyangni
    • Daejeon
    • Donghae
    • Gangneung
    • Jecheon
    • Jecheon
    • Iksan
    • Gwangju
    • Mokpo
    • Suncheon
    • Yeosu
    • Yeongju
    • Daegu
    • Pohang
    • Busan
    • Gaya
    • Masan
    • Busansin Newport
    • Byeongjeom
    • Imun
  • Metro (Electric Locomotives)
    • Busan
    • Munsan
    • Guro
    • Siheung
    • Byeongjeom
    • Bundang
    • Imun
    • Pyeongnae
    • Yongmun
    • Bubal