KORAIL, the Best Railway Partner KORAIL is one of the world’s best known enterprises in the railway industry.

Total Engineering Solution

KORAIL has expertise in many fields of railway operation, consulting, feasibility study, project management, system engineering, technical advice, turn-key project, risk management, and staff Training.. In all the sectors covering railway administration, technology development, and management, KORAIL will provide the best service as the best partner that you want. KORAIL is ready to transfer its know-how in in the following areas.
  • Organization and personnel management at railway operators
  • Feasibility study and design of technical support for railway operation
  • Technical support for railway operation
  • Budgetary plan for railway modernization and construction
  • Train diagrams for efficient train operation
  • Education and training
  • Operation and maintenance of rolling stock as well as the electrical, signaling and communications systems
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Sales and Marketing

Korail has accumulated the know-how of railway operation for over 120 years since 1899. We have firmly established a management and optimized sales system. We support a broad scope of know-how and technical advice on everything about regular and high-speed rails.

The Best Customer Service

  • Establishment of appropriate investment plans based on transportation demand
  • Proposal on fare and discount policies
  • Development of transportation plans for passengers, subways, and cargo trains
  • Planning of train schedule, crew management, reservation and issuance of tickets

Optimized Marketing and Sales Activities

  • Provision of know-how on digital and regular ticket issuance through mobile devices or ticket issuing machines
  • Sharing of know-how on sales promotion through mass media
  • Management on Voice of the Customer (VOC) and customer-centric operations
  • Development of service guides for customers and on-board services
Operation and Maintenance1
Operation and Maintenance2
Operation and Maintenance3

Operation and Maintenance

Korail is proud for its cutting-edge technologies. We provide comprehensive technological advice in relation to inspection, maintenance, replacement, and upgrading for railway safety. Moreover, we provide a reliable electrical and mechanical (E&M) system based on verified engineering and RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) technology.

Rolling Stock

Korail supports maintenance technology on various types of rolling stocks.

  • Rolling stock maintenance facility evaluation
  • Optimization of a maintenance process
  • Designing of a rolling stock maintenance system
  • Training of technicians for rolling stock maintenance
  • Technical advice for renovations and upgrading

Electrical System

Conversion of railways to subways will lead to increased transportation capacity and higher speed with less energy consumption. Korail provides the best solution for converting railways to subways.

  • Electric supply facility
  • Catenary wire and feeder system
  • Remote control facility
  • Equipment
  • Measuring equipment
  • Electrical substation
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Standardization of the maintenance process and training of professionals

Signal Transfer System

  • Operation and maintenance of the centralized traffic control (CTC) system
  • Connected system (relay, electric and computer types)
  • Blocking system
  • On-board signal transfer system (Automatic Train Control (ATC), Automatic Train Protection (ATP), European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS))
  • Safety system (Automatic Train Stop (ATS), railway crossing)
  • Site facilities (point switch machine, track circuit, traffic light, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring of railroad crossing and remote measuring system
  • Screen door system

Communications System

  • Train wireless system
  • Passenger information system 
  • Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system
  • Communication network
  • Device for sending digital data
  • Railway civil engineering, facility and construction

Railway Civil engineering, Facility and Construction

Despite the high frequency of train operation, Korail boasts the world’s lowest accident rate, widely known as the safest railway company.

  • Railroad system and railroad switch
  • Bridge, tunnel, roadbed
  • Railroad crossing and gradient separation facility
  • Station and structure
train pictures

Railway Management Information System

Korail suggests a “ubiquitous” railway environment that is equipped with cutting-edge ICT.

  • Integrated Railway Information System (IRIS)
  • Drafting of expected demand and transportation plans
  • Optimized train/rolling stock/crew operation plans
  • Airline ticket reservation and issuance system
  • Logistics information system
  • Real-time train tracking system
  • RS inspection information system
  • Sales/marketing/profit management system
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
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city photo2
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Station Area Development

Korail conducts projects on the development of railway assets and provides the most appropriate advice for a convenient integrated transport system.

  • Creation and execution of plans for new development projects
  • Comprehensive development of station’s sphere of influence based on Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
Training and Education

Training and Education

The International Railway Training Center for UIC Asia (IRaTCA) of Korail has been certified as the best personnel development center by the Korean government. We have acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification for the engineer training system. Korail provides all sorts of railway training and education.

Training and Education System

  • Designing of a railway education and training center including accommodations
  • Educational materials and teaching method
  • Computer support education and online education system

Professional Education System

  • Infrastructure for marketing, operation, logistics, rolling stock, electricity, signal transfer, communication, power supply device, and others
  • Transfer of operation and management technology

Engineer Training Program

  • Seven types of simulators (diesel, electric locomotive, Electronic Multiple Unit, high speed, etc.)
  • Engineer aptitude testing program

On-the-Job Training

Seven types of simulators (diesel, electric locomotive, Electronic Multiple Unit, high speed, etc.)