Passenger Transport

Passenger Transport

KORAIL’s Passenger Transport Business HQ
provides passenger railway services to the citizens by operating high-speed trains (KTX, KTX-Sancheon) and intercity/regional trains (ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa Nuriro, Commuter Train).
High speed rail services enabled people to travel anywhere in Korea a within a half day, subsequently altering people’s lifestyle since its operation in 2004. Opening of the Gangneung Line in 2017 completed half-day living sphere nationwide, both in name and reality. Also, KORAIL operates intercity/regional train services approximately on 90 main and branch lines for the public nature of trains.

By creating customer value and leading the transport sector, the Passenger Transport HQ will establish the stepping stone for KORAIL’s future, where it connects people, the world and the future

Main Duties at Passenger Transport HQ

  • Establishing mid- to long-term management strategies for the passenger industry and major work plans
  • Establishing
  • Developing tour packages or train tour related products
  • Scheduling high-speed/intercity/regional/ train operation and trainof crews
  • Planning for construction such as station building projects
  • Establishing passenger sales and fare systems
  • Improving station operation and customer services

History of KORAIL’s Passenger Railway

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History of KORAIL’s Passenger Railway - Operation time (times), Introduction of KTX, operation count (based on Saturdays), annual ridership
Opening date Operating sections Opening date Operating sections
Jan. 5, 2021 Jungang Line (Wonju–Jecheon/Dodam–Danchon) Jan. 26, 2018 Opened Donghae Line (Pohang–Yeongdeok)
Dec. 22, 2017 Opened Gangneung Line Apr. 2, 2015 Opened Honam HSR and Donghae Line
Nov. 1, 2010 Opened 2nd phase of the Gyeongbu HSR Mar. 2, 2010 Launched KTX-Sancheon service
Apr. 1, 2004 Launched High-speed trains (KTX) service Mar. 24, 2004 Double-tracked Honam Line
Feb. 20, 1997 Yeongdong Line (Yeongju–Gangneung) Oct. 17, 1980 Double-tracked Chungbuk Line (Jochiwon–Bongyang)
Dec. 5, 1975 Yeongdong Line (Cheoram–Bukpyeong) Oct. 16, 1973 Taebaek Line (Jecheon–Gohan)
Feb. 7, 1968 Gyeongjeon Line (Jinju–Gwangyang) Nov. 9, 1966 Gyeongbuk Line (Yeongju–Yecheon)
Jan. 19, 1966 Gohan Line (Yemi–Gohan) Sep. 18, 1965 Gyeongin Line (Yeongdeungpo–Incheon)
Aug. 20, 1963 Seoul Suburb Line (Neunggok–Uijeongbu) Dec. 31, 1955 Yeongam Line (Yeongju–Cheoram)
Apr. 1, 1942 Jungang Line (Cheongnyangni–Gyeongju) Jul. 25, 1939 Gyeongchun Line (Seongdong–Chuncheon)
Dec. 16, 1936 Jeolla Line (Iksan–Yeosu) Aug. 1, 1931 Janghang Line (Cheonan–Janghang)
Dec. 25, 1929 Chungbuk Line (Jochiwon–Chungju) Aug. 16, 1914 Gyeongwon Line (Yongsan–Wonsan)
Jan. 11, 1914 Honam Line (Daejeon–Mokpo) Apr. 3, 1906 Gyeongui Line (Seoul–Sinuiju)
Jan. 1, 1905 Gyeongbu Line (Seoul–Busan) Sep. 18, 1899 Gyeongin Line (Noryangjin–Jemulpo)