Logistics Transport

Logistics Transport

KORAIL’s Logistics Business HQ
is making a leap forward to become a total logistics service provider which transports containers, cement, coal, steel, etc. and offers logistics related services such as loading/unloading, storage, and warehousing.
Railway logistics is energy efficient and eco-friendly, thereby gaining its importance more than ever. The energy usage per unit is 10.2% of cargo vehicles and the CO2 emission per unit is 12.0% of cargo vehicles.

In addition, large-scale transport is available at one go (above 1,000 tonnes); there are no traffic holdups that exists with roads, and the weather condition (snow, rain, wind, etc.) has very little no impact on train railway transport.

Business Areas

Loading/unloading, storage, continental inland transport (shuttle), continent railway expansion, forwarding, KTX special delivery partnership business, rail train transport


History - Year, Description
Year Description Year Description
Jul.–Aug. 2020 Opened Yeongilman Harbor Line (Pohang–Yeongilman Harbor Station), creation/operation of Uiwang ICD redesign task force (T/F) Dec. 2019 Introduced 3 units of running automatic rail vehicle weighing system (Obong, Jecheon Jochajang, Busan Newport Station)
Feb. 2018 Established the first railroad logistics industry development plan (2017–2021, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) May 2017 Test operated 80-car long-haul freight train (wireless dispersion control technology)
Mar. 2016 Enactment and proclamation of the Railroad Logistics Industry Development and Support Act Apr. 2015 Implemented logistics responsible business division
Oct. 2014 Received Prime Minister’s Award (Korea Logistics Awards 2014) Mar. 2013 Opened Busan Newport southern rail facility
Aug. 2012 Introduced Logistics Business Division Jan. 2012 Operated Onsan warehouses
Jul. 2011 Converted open freight car to container cars Dec. 2010 Operated Busan Newport rail facility
Nov. 2010 Decided/implemented green railway cargo mileage issuance May 2010 Newly operated Donghae Station CY
May 2009 Expanded/operated Taegeum warehouse Dec. 2007 Operated North-south cargo trains
Jan. 2007 Operated Obong and Susaek warehouses Jul. 2005 Started KTX special delivery service
Jan. 2005 Established KORAIL Nov. 1997 Operated the world’s first freezing/refrigerating containerized train
Apr. 1992 Established/operated Uiwang ICD Dec. 1977 Completed construction of Busan/Yongsan station container yard
Sep. 1972 First container transport (Yongsan–Busan) Sep. 1963 Established National Railroad Administration
Sep. 1899 Opened Gyeongin Line (Noryangjin–Incheon)

KORAIL’s Freight Stations

Rail transport - 1.Loading/unloading 2.Storage 3.Inland transport (shuttle), 4.Continent railway expansion 5.Forwarding, 6.KTX special delivery partnership business
Items handled, Major stations
Items handled Major stations
Cement Dodam, Ipseok-ri, Ssangyong, Samhwa
Containers Obong, Busan Newport, Busanjin, Gwangyang Newport, Jeongnyang, Sapgyo, Bukjeonju, Yagmok, Gunsan, Heungguksa, Dongiksan, Bugang Freight, Dujeong, Sintanjin, Dongsan, Taegeum
Coal Goedong, Mukho Port, Cheoram, Dongbaeksan, Samhwa
Steel Taegeum, Goedong, Sillyewon, Taehwagang, Sapgyo
Oil Onsan
Minerals Yemi, Gomyeong, Donghae