Asset Development

Asset Development

KORAIL’s Asset Development Business
seeks to contribute to management improvement by developing and giving weight to new profit system with high-added value assets, rather than heavily depending on profit from transport business We develop station buildings (private capital station or /station complex), station nfluence areas, railway roadside lands and loan assets as well.
KORAIL building bird's eye view image

Scope of Asset

  • Projects decided by Presidential Decree as development/operation projects for station’s sphere of influence or such projects using KORAIL’s assets
  • Projects decided by Presidential Decree as station development/operation according to subparagraph 2 (a) of Article 2 of the Railroad Construction Act
  • Projects decided by Presidential Decree as tourist projects according to the Tourism Promotion Act
  • Projects connected to the above-decided projects by Presidential Decree

Main Duties

  • Establishing and executing mid- to long-term business development plans
  • Planning/adjusting business development policy
  • Developing and operating private/complex stations
  • Working on projects to develop station’s sphere of influence and railway lands
  • Conducting project feasibility studies, deciding business methods designing and overseeing construction process
  • Overall asset management and operation
  • Asset investment/lease/disposal
  • Working on development projects and exploring new business opportunities using railway assets
  • Managing commercial facilities , advertisements, and car park in railway stations


  • 2007. 01. ~ presentBusiness Development HQ
  • 2005. 11.KORAIL Subsidiary Business HQ
  • 2005. 01.KORAIL Business Development HQ
  • 1998. 02.National Railroad Administration Business Development HQ
  • 1994. 01.National Railroad Administration Business Development Office
  • 1985. 03.Newly created as National Railroad Administration Investment Business Office