Social Contribution

Social Contribution

As the public awareness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is growing rapidly, the scope of CSR activities is also expanding. The focus of CSR is changing from “charity” to “participation.”

Today, CSR activities should move beyond a one-off event or perfunctory charity and become a genuine effort to solve social issues.

Under the slogan of “Making a happy world connected via rail”, KORAIL Social Volunteer Group established a dedicated team and has been performing enterprise-wide CSR activities in a systematic and professional manner.

KORAIL carries out volunteer activities customized to the specific needs of each area by taking advantage of its nationwide rail network and helps social enterprises be self-sufficient. The followings are the long-term vision of CSR activities that KORAIL pursues.

  • Site-specific volunteering activities

    The nature of KORAIL’s CSR activities is volunteering based on talent sharing that meets the needs of each area. We actively carry out CSR activities on sites, rather than simply donating funds for charity.

  • Practical volunteering activities

    KORAIL pursues sustainable, systematic and practical CSR activities. Our CSR activities are not perfunctory events for public relations but part of our mid-to long-term vision.

  • A company that contributes

    KORAIL respects its customers and aims to become a company that fully fulfills its role in the development of local communities. As a publicly owned corporation, KORAIL aims to be a socially responsible corporation committed to making the lives of its customers and employees better.