CEO Message

CEO Message

KORAIL for the Peopleand the Future of Korea
한국철도공사 사장 나희승 사진

During its history of over 100 years, KORAIL has been
leading Korea's growth by connecting people and goods
through railroad tracks across the country.
All the employees at KORAIL are dedicated to put their utmost effort to provide high-quality rail services for the safety and comfort of the people throughout their journey.
Under the mission to “protect safety and lives of the people,” KORAIL, as a public railway operator, focuses its services on the people.

KORAIL operates KTX (Korea Train eXpress), general train, and metropolitan subway services to transport 3.5 million people a day. In addition, freight trains play a key role in Korea’s eco-friendly logistics and transportation industry.
KORAIL's railway tracks will bring hope to regional economy, invigorate every corner the country, and foster regional development.

We will also lay a foundation to facilitate enduring peace on the Korean Peninsula by completing the TKR project and will prepare for the future where Korean people, goods and services make another leap forward in the global arena.

KORAIL invites you all to be a part of its journey of great change.
I kindly ask for your continued encouragement and support for the future of KORAIL and Korea.

Thank you.

Na Hee-Seung, President & CEO of KORAIL