Color System

Color System

Symbol Mark Colors

  • In principle, the symbol mark colors must be expressed as spot colors. According to the characteristics of the application medium, however, the four printing colors can be used.
  • When expressing the symbol mark colors, there may be slight differences depending on the printing method, concentration of ink or paper material. However, effort must be made to achieve an optimal state of expression.
  • Color application to signboards is also subject to slight differences due to the characteristics of each application method, such as plastic sheeting, painting, and silk screening. Again, an optimal state must be ensured for the respective spot color.

    warningFor the color sheet application, products of LG or 3M, or any other products of equivalent quality must be used.

Main Colors

  • Korail Blue Pantone293CVC PROCESS:C 100% + M 60%, RGB:G 91, B 172, WEB:#005BAC PROCESSC 100% + M 60% RGBG 91, B 172 WEB#005BAC
  • Korail Light Blue Pantone306C PROCESS:C 80% + M 8% + Y 13%, RGB:G 178, B 227, WEB:#00B2E3 PROCESSC 80% + M 8% + Y 13% RGBG 178, B 227 WEB#00B2E3
  • Korail Gray PantoneCoolGray 9C PROCESS:M 1% + K 68%,  RGB:R 119, G 119, B 122, WEB:#77777A PROCESSM 1% + K 68% RGBR 119, G 119, B 122 WEB#77777A

Sub Colors

  • Korail Gold Pantone873C
  • Korail Silver Pantone877C

Regulations for Color Use

  • NOTE
    • Use of Black is prohibited if the concentration of background color is darker than 50% ink.
    • Negative expression in white is prohibited if the concentration of background color is ligher than 40% ink.
  • In principle, the two-tone gradation of Blue and Light Blue must be used for symbol mark. However, use of the following colors is allowed depending on the application medium. For the color code, refer to the section on designated colors.
  • The basic color for symbol mark is Blue, and Silver and Gold must be used as special colors. As for Black, it must be used only when the symbol mark is in white/black tone.
  • White can be used in inevitable cases, such as when Blue cannot be used due to dark background.
  • Use single color if it is difficult to the apply the gradation effect or for economic purposes.
  • Use of designated colors for symbol mark is prohibited if it is interfered with by the background color.